martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Students from classes 4º CEIP María Moliner


Hello everyone! How are you?

We are fine!  We are in Year 4ºA. We go to María Moliner School. There are 23 boys and girls in our class. 
We love P.E. because we learn lots of new games. Our favourite activity is datchball. Every year we participate in a datchball competition in the playground with other classes. 
We would like to meet you soon!

Bye! Take care!


Good morning everybody! How are you?

We are the pupils from Year 4ºB at María Moliner School. There are 15 boys and 8 girls in our class.
We have fun doing sports, specially basketball, datchball and tennis. We practice them at school. We always play together and help each other. 

Goodbye! See you soon!

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