domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Students from classes 4º CEIP María Moliner (Activos Zaragoza 2017)

4º A


We are the students of the class Primary 4 A of the school Maria Moliner. The school is located in the neighbourhood of San José, in Zaragoza. The school is 50 years old. There are 24 students in the class, 12 boys and 12 girls. In the school, we have got an orchard and a big Music class with a lot of instruments.

Our favourite subjects are P.E., Arts and Literacy.

Our favourite sports are datchball, football, basketball, running and dancing.

We have got friends from Manchester and we write letters for them. They are our penpals. We like interviewing English people too.

We are friendly, funny and creative.

See you on the 11th of May.

4º B

We are the class Primary 4 B of the school Maria Moliner in Zaragoza, in the neighbourhood of San José. We are 24 children and we are 9 and 10 years old.

The school is very big. There is a very big library and lots of books. In the second floor of the school there is a gym and an ICT room. We have a very big playground too.

Our favourite subjects are P.E., Maths and Literacy. In Literacy we send letters to our friends from Manchester. We have ClassDojo. Our favourite sports are football, rollerblade, datchball and dancing.

We are friendly and positive.

We want to be your friends and we are looking forward to playing with you.

See you on the 11th of May.

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