viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Students from classes 4º CEIP Valdespartera (Activos Zaragoza 2017)


Hello everyone!
We are 4th A classroom. We are from Valdespartera School and we are between 9 and 10 years old. Valdespartera is in Zaragoza.

We like everything about sports. Our favourite sports are: football, rugby, tennis, padel, datchball, basketball, swimming and karate.

We think it is important and necessary to do sport once or twice a week at least.
We love sports and “Amigos Activos” Project!!!!


Hi. We are class 4B from Valdespartera school. In the class there are 20 students, 9 girls and 11 boys.

We use Class Dojo and it is very good because we can communicate with our parents and we do our best to get points and to be the best. We like working together collaboratively, we love to do cooperative missions etc...

Our favourite sport is datchball but we also like football and gymnastics. ‘We have good times and bad times, but we always OVERCOME problems together.’



We are the studens of 4th C from the Valdespartera School. We are 19 pupils in class, 7 girls and 12 boys.

Our favourite subject is P.E. We all love P.E., and the thing we like most is playing datchball.
We are all  very excited to meet  the students from the other schools.

See you soon.


Hello everyone, we are class 4D. There are 20 people in the class, 11 boys and 9 girls. 

We all like Datchball and Paintball. Usually the boys like to play Football and the girls like Sit-ball.

We like working in teams and pairs at school.

We are delighted to introduce classes 4A, B, C and D to you!

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