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Students from classes 4º CEIP Sainz de Varanda (Activos Zaragoza 2017)

Dear friends to be,

We are the boys and girls of 4th grade A at Sainz de Varanda school. Our school is located in La Paz, in Zaragoza. There are three 4th grade classes in our school, each class has more or less 20 students.

Our school is a bilingual school and we have different subjects in Enlish, like Science, Art and Literacy. Sometimes, our music teacher also speaks in English to us too. When we get to 5th grade, we will also learn French. We really like learning different languages and celebrating traditions and festivities from different countries!

Our school is also very special because we never hear an alarm to get in class or to go to the playground. We always listen to music, each month we have different music styles.

We like almost all our classes, but our favourite are PE, Music and Science. When we go to the playground, we enjoy doing different things. On Fridays, we play at our games classroom and we love it! The other days, we have fun playing different games and sports in the playground, for example basketball, ping-pong and datchball. We have a school datchball competition.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon and having lots of fun together!

Bye for now,

Hello children,

We are the 4th B graders of Ramón Sáinz de Varanda school. Our school is placed in Torrero-La Paz very near from Los Pinares de Venecia and Puerto Venecia.

Our school is very big, we are three classes in each level, it is a bilingual school, that means that we study a lot of English. We study Science, Literacy and Art in that language. Sometimes it is difficult to understand everything.

We are 18 children in our class, 9 boys and 9 girls.

Our headmaster explained us the activity we are going to do together. We are excited, we really want to play with you and have fun together.
Keep in touch.

Dear 4th graders:

We are children from 4th grade C, we study at Ramón Sáinz de Varanda school.

Our school is a bilingual school, so we study a lot of English. We celebrate English traditions and festivities as for example Halloween, Pancake’s day, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's, st Andrews…

We are 20 children in our class, we get on very well, we like playing sports and games in Physical education, we love datchball and copball.

We organize our class using assistant student’s, there are different charges, for example ICT, plants, class order, date, homework or mediators…

We want to know things about you and we are waiting our next meeting!

Bye bye, see you soon at La Granja Sport Center.

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