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Hello friends!

We are from Lucena de Jalón. We are sixteen students in the school. In our class we are nine children, two girls and seven boys.

Guillermo is in 3rd of primary and he is eight years old. Adrian Garcia is in 3rd of primary and he is eight years old. Adrian Escudero is in 3rd of primary and he is eight years old. Aitana is in 3rd of primary and she is eight years old. David Muñoz is in 3rd of primary and he is eight years old.

Anahi is in 4th of primary and she is ten years old.

David Burzo is in 5th of primary and he is ten years old. Mario is in 5th of primary and he is eleven years old.

Nacho is in 6th of primary and he is eleven years old.

We are talkative, intelligent and a little bit mischievous.

We like play football and colpbol. We like stickers. Our favorite subject is P.E. We don’t like exams. We can swim and cook. We can’t fly and teleport.

 Lucena is a small village. It has got 229 inhabitants. It has got four parks and two swimming pools. It has got a municipal pavilion next to the school. It has got a small library. It has got a square and a church. We like our village.

See you soon.


Hello friends!

We are the second, third, and fourth grade class from Lumpiaque.
Lumpiaque is a village near Épila. There are two churches, four parks and a big fountain. 
We celebrate the festivities in October and August. Come here and visit us!

Our school is big. It has got five classrooms, a gymnasium, a library, toilets and a playground. We are more than sixty students.

Alba is our English teacher. We are fifteen children in class.
In the second grade, Lucía, Marta, Denis and Pablo are seven years old. Rafa, Rodrigo and Noel are eight years old.

In the third grade, Soraima, Naiara and Nuria are nine years old, but Zaira is ten.

In the fourth grade, Jeremy is nine years old, Rocío and Desirée are eleven and Maia is twelve.

We like English because we play games and we can speak two languages.

Bye!! See you soon!




Hello amigos activos! How are you?

 We are the pupils of 3rd and 4th grade of Primary Education of Lucas Arribas.

We live in Morata de Jalón and two children live in Chodes, a small village next to here. Morata has got two squares, three parks, some shops, a big factory of cement called “Cemex”, a church, a palace of Conde de Morata and an extreme- sport park. There is a river called “Rio Jalón” which passes by Morata. In Morata’s festival we enjoy the bulls, do you like bulls? You are invited to come in August.

In CEIP Lucas Arribas we are 58 students but in our class we are only 15 children. We are between 8 and 10 years old and we share the same classroom. The school has got a library, a music classroom, an English classroom and a big playground with trees.

We like learning English because is funny and we learn cultures and traditions from other countries. Two weeks ago we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day and it was very exciting!

But our favourite subject is P.E. and we love Amigos activos!

Bye- bye! See you in Lumpiaque! Kisses!


Hello there!

We study in “Lucas Arribas’ school”. It is located in a small village from Zaragoza called Morata de Jalón. It is a medium sized village with 1.177 residents. It has got small and narrow streets. Our village has got 2 squares: Plaza España and Plaza del Olivo. Moreover, it has got a very important library called “Antonio Millán”. There is a train station that you can use to travel around the Valdejalón region.

There are a lot of bars, a city hall, a hostel and an adventure sport company where we can enjoy extreme sports. The most famous activity in our village is climbing and it comes people from other countries to climb.
Morata’s patron Saint is San Roque and this important festivity in our village is celebrated in August. We have a lot of days of party and we can enjoy the running of bulls in the streets.

In our school, Lucas Arribas, there are many classrooms but only some of them are used. There is a nice library, a laboratory, a small gym and a common room to watch movies when it rains. There are 8 teachers who are great, we have a great time with them and they teach us interesting things.

We only use four classrooms: three classrooms for Primary Education and 1 classroom for pre-school education. First and second grade are in the same class. Third and fourth grade are in the same group as well and 5th and 6th grade share the classroom too. Then, children in pre-school education are all together in the same classroom. But when we have English lessons there is an English class and we go there.
Boys and girls in 5th and 6th grade are between 10 and 12 years old. We are all friends and happy.

We also have a big playground with a lot of trees where we play all together, a little park for Pre-school children, a drinking fountain and a table tennis to play ping-pong. We really enjoy playing ball games.

Also, we like learning English because we think it is useful to communicate with foreign people and travel to other countries. English is good for you!

But our favourite subject is physical education and we like playing datchball. We love amigos Activos. We all want to be your Friends.

See you all very soon! 


Hello dear friends!!

We are the children from Plasencia de Jalón. We would like to tell you about us and our village.

Plasencia de Jalón is a quiet place. There are three parks where we go to play. It also has a shop, a library, a bar, a bank, an adult education centre and our school. If you come here, you can visit two beautiful palaces.

We celebrate our festivities in February and June. Everyone is in the streets, eat together, dance at night and have fun.

Our school is small. We have three classrooms and an office. One classroom is for Infant Education, first and second grade. The other one is for third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. We are sixteen children. Our playground is small, too. It’s difficult to play with the ball so in the P.E. lessons we use the pavilion.

Alba is our English teacher. We are ten students in the class. Estefi is the youngest one. She is 6. Gianina and Alexia are 7, Abderraman and Laia are 8, Rares and Dilan are 10, Mohamed, Roxi and Samuel are 11.

We like English because we can speak to people from different countries.



We live in Salillas.

There is a big tower.

In the local festivities we have got an artificial fire bull.

We like fireworks.

In our village there are cave houses.

At school we have got two classrooms. It is small. We are twelve children.

We love English games and songs!


Hi from Urrea de Jalón!

            There are only 400 people in Urrea. Our town is small but it´s very nice too. We have got a bar called Casino, a park where we can play, a shop where you can buy a lot of things and a sport center. We celebrate 3 differents parties during the year: San Sebastián, San Rosario and San Bartolomé. We sometimes go to the hill called Pericas to play, near to this place there are caves where people live.

            Our school has got 3 classrooms and 34 students. There are 14 childs in Pre-school and 20 in Primary Education. We are 10 students in our classroom, two of us are 9 years old, three are 10 years old, two are 11 years old and three are 12 years old.
            We have got a big playgraound, a football area with two goals, and a playground for pre-school with a toboggan.

            We really love to learn English because it´s fun and very useful for us. We can communicate with other people and understand things that we watch on Youtube and TV.

                        We hope to see you soon!

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