miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

We are students from Agustina de Aragón School (Activos Zaragoza 2017)

Hello everyone! 

We are the students of 4th A in the CEIP Agustina de Aragón. 
We love our school but we want to meet New friends. 
Our favourite school subject is P.E., because we like sports,
specially Pichi, so we hope to see you soon to play together! 

We are students of 4th grade B from Agustina de Aragón school.
 Most of us live in Parque Goya neighbourhood. 
We enjoying playing with our friends and family 
in our parks, such as, Tapices and Poesía Park. 
Our favourite subject is P.E. and we love playing datchball and pichi in our P.E. lessons.

We are the boys and girls from primary
 4C of Agustina de Aragón.
We are happy of having part of "Amigos Activos"
 with other children from different schools. 
We love p.e and we love playing!! 
so...we hope to enjoy very much with you and this activity!
looking forward to mmeeting you all, lots of kisses.

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